Revisiting the Vault

  • I want everybody to get eaten by the crocodile

    Peter Pan (1953) – Part Two. We’re still stuck in Neverland, and kind of wishing we could just grow up instead. We are talking about the depictions of the few women in the film, the thoughtless racism inherent in the story, and we give you a few films to consider…

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  • Ep. 18 – He Has Opinions About the Boer War for Sure

    Peter Pan (1953) – Part One. Second star to the right and straight on to a real mess. Listen, if you love Peter Pan we aren’t going to blame you if you skip this episode. Because we’re going to talk about Edwardian sexism, blatant racism towards Native Americans, and how…

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  • Ep. 17 – A Series of Antagonistic Moments

    Alice in Wonderland (1951) – Part Two. Sorry about the delays, a Mad Hatter destroyed our watches. Or maybe we were just stuck in a never ending tea party. Either way, we’re shifting our schedule a little bit going forward to try to get back on track. Look for new…

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