Ep. 18 – He Has Opinions About the Boer War for Sure

Peter Pan (1953) – Part One.

Second star to the right and straight on to a real mess. Listen, if you love Peter Pan we aren’t going to blame you if you skip this episode. Because we’re going to talk about Edwardian sexism, blatant racism towards Native Americans, and how the crocodile is the real MVP of this movie. We did not have a good time in Neverland. We’re not sure the Darling children did either.

Note: In the episode, Mary mentions a documentary on depictions of Native Americans in Hollywood films, but she couldn’t remember the name. That film was Reel Injun: On The Trail of the Hollywood Indian (2009) by Neil Diamond, Catherine Bainbridge, and Jeremiah Hayes. It’s available on Amazon Prime.

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Bobby Driscoll in 1950
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